As college football fans it's always bothered us that there are so few options for fantasy on Saturdays. Fantasy football was created with the NFL in mind, and while the sports are very similar, the systems aren't.

Saturday Fantasy took the basic structure of fantasy football and made many changes in order to create a game that is fun and easy to play for college football fans. Here, you only need to learn one conference at a time, so you can focus on predicting who will do well, not learning the names of thousands of players.

Saturday Fantasy’s system was developed in 2016, tested in 2017, and is finally ready to roll out. Please let us know what you think, because we will not stop improving our website.


What is fantasy football

A peer-to-peer competition where you select actual players to create a fictional “fantasy” team, which receives points based on your players' real-life performance.

What is Saturday Fantasy

A free website for season-long fantasy college football. You can play in leagues of 4, 6, or 8 people, either by creating a private league with friends or family or a public league by joining up with future friends. You pick a Power 5 conference (the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, or SEC) to select players from, and only conference games count towards point totals.

How do I win

Each matchup pits one user against another, and the user with more points gets a "win". Most matchups last one week, but some weeks have few conference games, so that matchup lasts longer. At the end of the regular season, the two users with the most wins face off in the championship game, which lasts multiple weeks. Whoever gets the most points in that final matchup wins the championship!

What is the draft

The way you pick your base of players. Your league will decide on a day and time to hold the live draft, and you will take turns selecting players. It is a "snake" draft, where the person with the first pick in the first round will have the last pick in the second round, first pick in the third round, and so on. Each user gets 2 minutes per pick, and if the clock runs out he or she will be assigned someone automatically.

What is a starting lineup

During each matchup, you choose five players who will earn you points - a quarterback (QB), running back (RB), wide receiver (WR) or tight end (TE), another RB/WR/TE, and an individual defensive player (IDP). Anyone left on your bench remains on your team for future weeks, but will not score any points in the current matchup. Make sure your starters all have games in the current matchup, anyone with a bye will automatically score zero points.

Why aren't points showing up

Our IDP stats - as well as some other numbers - are not added live, so you have to wait until after the game ends for those to update.

What if I don't have any quarterbacks playing

If none of your quarterbacks are playing in a game in a particular matchup you can either sign a free agent quarterback, or put another offensive player in that space.

Why does the first matchup last so many weeks

Because only conference games count towards point totals, and most games at the beginning of the season are non-conference games. The first matchup lasts for multiple weeks so that there can be enough players earning points.

Why does my team suck

That's on you! Ok I'm kidding, a lot of fantasy is luck. You can sign new free agent players if you're sick of your current ones, or trade players with another user. You'll get 'em next time.

Your team

5 starters, 6 bench

  • 1. QB/Any: Quarterback, or any other player
  • 2. RB: Running back
  • 3. WR/TE: Wide Receiver or Tight End
  • 4. RB/WR/TE: Running Back, Wide Receiver, or Tight End
  • 5. IDP: Individual Defensive Player
  • 6-11. Bench: Players who still on your team, but won’t score points during the current week.

Scoring Points

Offensive Players

Passing Yards
25:1 (25 yards = 1 point)
Passing Touchdowns
Rushing Yards
Rushing Touchdowns
Receiving Yards
Receiving Touchdowns
Fumbles NOT turned over
Fumbles Lost
Passing 2-point conversion
Rushing or receiving 2-point conversion

Defensive Players

Solo Tackles
Assisted Tackles
Tackles for a Loss
Passes Defensed
Forced Fumbles
Fumble Recoveries
Defensive or Return Touchdowns

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